Work, Money, Gambling

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I offer for work, money and gambling. Prices are for ONE casting ; should you wish a spell to be double-cast, please purchase two, and for triple-cast, purchase three. You can mix and match spells to tailor them to your situation and cover the issue from more angles. Corresponding spell kits are available for all my spells , which I recommend you consider


MONEY DRAWING: A general money-drawing spell which will help you attract more money into your life. Improves finances in a general way. Do not expect massive amounts from the ether, but you can anticipate more realistic amounts that will help a great deal.

WEALTHY WAY : A money spell that works to open up new opportunities for you to get more money in your life. Unlike Lucky Fortuna (below), you don’t need to be actively engaged with some form of investment or suchlike for this spell to work, as the whole point is that it opens up new doorways for you, specifically those that are likely to result in chances to receive more ambitious amounts.

LUCKY FORTUNA : This spell will help you to draw all that you desire – enough good fortune and money that you can forget all your financial problems. It helps to draw in larger sums of money, so is good for those of you seeking a large return on some investment, sale, or stocks and shares, etc. This is not really the right spell to try and conjure up “money from nothing”.

PAY ME : This is a spell designed to make someone pay back a debt. If you have loaned someone money and they are dragging their heels about repaying it or refusing to repay it, choose this spell to recify the situation

GIVE ME YOUR MONEY : A compelling spell to get someone to give you money for whatever it is you want money for.

MONEY STAY WITH ME : A spell to help you maintain financial success , this one curbs any temptation you might experience to spend what you have or to totally squander it.

LADY LUCK : A general good luck formula, especially suited to risky situations where the stakes are higher

LUCKY NUMBER : For increased luck in picking winning numbers when placing bets , etc

AUNT SALLY’S LUCKY DREAM : For dreaming of lucky numbers that will help you get a better return on your games of chance, etc

THREE JACKS & A KING : For increased gambling luck, specifically for those of you who are into games using cards

BETTER BUSINESS : This spell draws in more customers who will spend money at your place of business, whether this is online or an actual shop in the “real” world. It encourages business prosperity and regular customers who will return time and again.

STEADY WORK : If you are unhappy due to not having a job, or if you don’t like your current job and want a better one, or if your work is not steady, then this spell will work to bring the changes you desire. It will bring you a job you will really enjoy, and if you are after a position that will pay more, it can help with that too.

BOSS FIX : If your boss is not treating you too well, or you just don’t seem to get along, this spell will help to improve relations. It can turn a bad boss’s attitude around , so they appreciate you more and show you more respect. It can also help the pair of you find some common ground so you get along better.