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Lost Love Spells

Lost Love Spells

Works to bring you and your ex back together. A kit is strongly advised in addition to the casting/s as reconciliation work is one of the trickiest areas of magick ,so needs additional power.

This spell is only going to help if the issues that drove you apart are minor and if you have only been separated a maximum of 2 weeks or so. Anything over that and the connection between you is greatly weakened and you will need much stronger work done – see the 2 week root work course in the custom magick or the 30 day return to me spell in the extreme magick section.

Reconciliation work is the hardest of all so please be prepared to spend a bit more on this kind of issue as a lot more work is usually required. NOTE : If you are divorced, you will definately need something stronger, even if the divorce was recent because the actual break down of the union would have taken place long before the divorce.

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